Blooming flower village in the Bulb Region

In the charming flower village of Lisse, all aspects of the Bulb Region coincide. A village with a rich bulb culture, vast flower fields and the most beautiful flower garden in the world. With a lively centre and countless events, there is something for everyone in this unique village!

Surrounded by an extensive area of lakes, the sea, the dunes and the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden, Bloemendorp Lisse is the ideal starting point for a beautiful walk or bike ride.


Enjoy spring in Lisse! Be amazed by budding nature, lush flower fields and fresh green leaves. We are happy to show you the way to the most breathtaking flower fields, with vast colour palettes of spring blooms.

Our stunning photos will keep you updated on the flowering season, nearby attractions and perfect selfie spots. Visit the world-famous Keukenhof, explore the area on foot or by bike, and delve into the rich history of flower bulb cultivation.

Whether you are a nature lover, history fanatic or foodie, Lisse offers something for everyone. Be enchanted by the versatility of this beautiful region!

To the flower fields
Lucht bewerkt

Keukenhof 2024

The most beautiful spring park in the world!

The flower gardens at Keukenhof are a tantalising feast for the senses; with 7 million bulbous flowers on 32 hectares, the entire park is ruled by fantastic scents and colours. 

Keukenhof in 2024 will be open from Thursday 21 March until Sunday 12 May from 8am-7.30pm, including Sundays and public holidays.

Keukenhof is not only a beautiful setting for the many spring blooms, but also lends itself perfectly to sculptures and other art objects. These add an extra dimension to the park.  The combination of the blooming park and visual art is surprising.

Tickets Keukenhof, attractions and excursions

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