Blooming flower village in the Bulb Region

Blooming flower village in the Bulb Region

In the charming flower village of Lisse, all aspects of the Bulb Region coincide. A village with a rich bulb culture, vast flower fields and the most beautiful flower garden in the world. With a lively centre and countless events, there is something for everyone in this unique village!

Surrounded by an extensive area of lakes, the sea, the dunes and the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden, Bloemendorp Lisse is the ideal starting point for a beautiful walk or bike ride.

  • Eating out

    Discover the many cosy and atmospheric places to enjoy a good cup of coffee, an extensive lunch or a delicious dinner.

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  • Longer stays

    Wake up rested and enjoy a delicious breakfast, start a new day in the beautiful surroundings of Lisse

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  • Shopping

    In addition to the familiar chain shops, you will find nice local shops with beautiful products and delicacies.

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Celebrate spring in Lisse

The blooming flower fields in and around Lisse have a huge attraction for visitors from all over the world. A day at Keukenhof, walking or cycling around the area or immersing yourself in the history of flower bulb cultivation. There is so much to experience.

We have listed the best tips for you, so visit, enjoy and discover the area around Lisse!

Visit the flowers!
  • Out and about

  • Cycling, hiking, sailing

  • Pick and taste

    Discover the 'flavours' of Lisse. From colourful bunches of flowers to fresh, pure products!

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  • Nature along the coast

    Wandering off the beaten track and spotting deer in the Randstad!

    The dunes
  • Activities with the kids

    The best tips for a day out with the family!

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  • Historic Lisse

  • Museums, art & culture in Lisse

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