Into nature

The versatility of nature in the Bulb Region is amazing. Sea, dunes, woods, vast flower fields, polders and lakes; our region has it all! All these elements together ensure that as a visitor and as a resident, you will never get bored in this nature-rich area. Active outings are the way to discover the hidden gems of nature. By bicycle, on foot or on the water? Venture into nature together and unwind!


See, beaches and dunes

Take a stroll through the woods or the dunes and enjoy the magnificent panoramic views from the high dune tops. After climbing a beach entrance, you will have an endless view over the sea and you can hear the waves rolling.  

The dune areas of the Bulb Region are an experience in themselves. You can enjoy wonderful cycling and fantastic walks while you enjoy the unprecedented silence. And with a bit of luck, you will stand eye to eye with a deer or fox and discover special plants.

From the dunes, you can walk right onto the beach and breathe in the healthy salty sea air. You can enjoy the beach all year round!


Experience the sea, beaches and dunes

Being active in nature - Discover nature your own way!

Polders and lakes

When you think of the polders, you immediately have an image of green meadows, small ditches and characteristic windmills. It is no different in the polders of the Bulb Region. The thing that makes our polders unique is their location! 

In the area around the Kager lakes with reed canals, waterways and islands, the polders and lakes are a relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can completely relax by bike, on foot or on the water. 

On your journey of discovery through the polders, you will cross the habitat of many birds, the historic Blaarkop cow breed and the charming farm shops with delicious regional products.

Enjoy water, meadows and Dutch skies
Zicht op de polder vanuit het Bos van Krantz

Historic heritage

Extraordinary nature can also be found around the many country estates and stately mansions in the Bulb Region. In the beautifully laid out gardens, sometimes with a layout dating back centuries, you can imagine yourself in times long gone. 

Nowadays, you can stroll - away from the hustle and bustle - along leafy paths and lanes. Be sure to look up as well. Woodpeckers, owls and pigeons nest in the hollows of the old trees. In spring, grey herons make large nests in the tops of the pines. 

Estates and country houses

Hiking map Bulb Region

"Visit Duin- en Bollenstreek" has released a new walking junction map for the Bulb Region hiking network. This beautiful new map includes a clear overview of all walking junctions in our versatile region plus 20 walking routes divided into the themes of Bollen en Bloemen (Bulbs and Flowers), Historical Heritage, Forest, Beach and Dunes and Polders and Lakes. 

The  map costs €5 and is on sale at:
VVV Noordwijk - Tourist Info, VVV Noordwijkerhout, VVV Lisse (in Museum de Zwarte Tulp), VVV Warmond aan de Kaag, the Readshop Hillegom


Our woods, parks and gardens