Down on the farm

Everyone knows the region around Lisse for its flowers. Along the side of the road, you will see charming flower stalls with fresh flowers from the field or from greenhouses. But you will also find delicious local produce. Juicy apples and shiny red cherries from the orchards, a juicy piece of organic meat from the farm shops or a nice fresh potato from the vending machine. 

Pay a visit to a fruit farm, grower or farm shop to see what they are all about.


Pick your own flowers

The Bulb Dune Region is well known for its flowers! And it is not only in spring that you can enjoy fields of colourful flowers. Various types of summer flowers bloom until well into the autumn. It's no coincidence that we love this region so much. 

In the various picking gardens in the area, you can go into the field armed with scissors to pick your own bouquet. A delightful outdoor activity in beautiful surroundings where you can completely unwind and go home with a beautiful bunch of flowers!

Besides the picking gardens, you will also find stalls along the side of the road selling flowers straight from the grower.

Local and regional produce

  • To the orchard

    Harvesting your own apples and pears is a great activity for the whole family. Go into the orchard or the picking garden together and pick the tastiest seasonal fruit, and of course browse around in the estate shops.

    De Olmenhorst estate
    To the orchard
  • Feast in the picking garden

    Picking your own fruit is easy! Take your basket to the picking garden to pick fresh fruit and vegetables. For young and old, it is a great experience to see how everything grows and to fill the picking basket with your own delicious and fresh harvest! 

    Van Reeuwijk Fruit & Flowers
    Feast in the picking garden

Cycling to the farms

Cycle past farms and growers and discover the products of the region.

Delicious organic fruit, fresh products from the farm or from the country shop and of course a lovely bunch of flowers straight from the land. The route takes you along the most beautiful spots in the Lisse area and it is highly recommended to stop at one of the many nice addresses every now and then and be surprised by the beautiful products.

And don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings!

Farmer and Grower Route