Castles, lovely country estates and centuries-old  manors with coach houses, reveal an impressive history. Every estate and every country mansion is unique. They are beautiful places full of stories that give character to the landscape.

The Bulb Region was a popular area for a summer residence outside the city among the nobility and wealthy townspeople. Lisse has no less than two of these beautiful historical pearls. If you step over the threshold of this cultural heritage, you'll imagine yourself in the days of the past!

Once upon a time....

In the middle of the Bulb Region, between the woods and the bulb fields, lies the historic Keukenhof estate. A green haven of tranquillity in the hustle and bustle of the Randstad. This country estate has an idyllic and elegant ambiance.

Keukenhof Castle and all its outbuildings have been well preserved throughout the years, which is unique in the Netherlands.

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In the age of chivalry

At the edge of Lisse you will find 't Huys Dever, a genuine donjon.

Across the drawbridge, you can imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. The beautifully restored residential tower is an attraction in itself, but the interior is also worthwhile. Discover the coat of mail, the authentic arrow slits and watch the perfectly intact medieval baking oven. And if you have seen everything inside, take a stroll across the outside grounds and discover the 'Garden of Senses'.


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