Water, meadows and Dutch skies

Cows and sheep are grazing in the meadow, birds are chirping and the farmer is mowing the grass. In the rural environment of the polders, surrounded by a large area of lakes, you will experience an oasis of peace. With beautiful Dutch skies, characteristic windmills and the rural character, walking and cycling and especially boating are a feast!


The Kager Lakes

Experience the Kager lakes and discover the endless possibilities!

On the lakes, you can imagine yourself in a typical Dutch setting with windmills, islands, picturesque villages and beautiful views of the vast polders. A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the silence, the scenery, or a nice drink at a pleasant terrace. Fancy some action?  The lakes are very popular with active water sports enthusiasts. They are ideal for surfing, surfing, rowing or water skiing.

In short, the perfect place for a day on or near the water!

Sailing on the Kaag

Getting onto the water yourself?

Enjoying the water with a sailboat, sloop, motorboat, canoe or SUP? When you see the map of Warmond, you will want to explore the area by water. And by the way, you cannot reach many polders by other means. You can go in all directions!

An island in the lakes

From picturesque Warmond, the characteristic wooden bridge takes you to the uninhabited recreation island of Koudenhoorn. A place where hikers, cyclists and nature lovers can enjoy peace, space and the view over the surrounding water. The quiet area on Koudenhoorn is a breeding ground for numerous birds.

In the middle of the island are the Kids' Play Forest and the Koudenhoorn Horse Stable, part of the De Kloosterhof petting zoo.When the weather is nice, you can take a dip in the surrounding water from the beach, or enjoy the beach fun and the view from a terrace.  Or take a trip on the antique saloon boat De Heere Schouten. You can also reach the island by boat for a snack and a drink or a visit to the cosy village!

Koudenhoorn Island

Cycling and strolling through polders and along lakes

Meadow birds

In spring, the meadow birds come to the peat meadow areas from their winter locations in Africa and Southern Europe. The black-tailed godwit is usually the first to arrive, swiftly followed by the lapwing, redshank and oystercatcher. Unfortunately, their numbers have been declining for years.

More and more farmers are making an effort to preserve meadow birds. For example, by providing herb-rich grassland and rough manure, by constructing wetland areas and by mowing later in the season. In this way, they help meadow birds to breed in peace and to raise their young safely.

The bulb fields are also a suitable breeding ground for many birds. Partridges, skylarks and yellow wagtails make their nests among the tulips and hyacinths in the spring. Lapwings and oystercatchers also feel perfectly at home in the bulb fields.

If you want to enjoy the birds during the breeding season, help them preserve and do not disturb them. Leave your dog at home or at least on a leash, stay on the paths and don't litter.

Grutto in de Boterhuispolder

Homegrown products

You often come across them in the polders and in the countryside. Roadside stalls filled with home-grown products such as flowers, potatoes or fresh eggs. But also the farm shops with their fresh assortment of products, supplemented with seasonal delicacies, are nice to visit and to experience the pure flavours.

Discover the traditional products of our region!