Activities with children

Out and about with the whole family. Enjoying nature and the beautiful surroundings of Lisse! A brisk walk through the woods or a stroll across the country estates. And for more action, get in the Twizy or on the fun scooter and explore the Bulb Region. With the lakes, beach and dunes so close, you'll always discover new places in our special region. And whether it's raining or sunny, you'll find the best indoor and outdoor activities for all ages, and you won't have to spend hours in the car.

Want to know everything there is to do? Find out here! We are happy to give you the best tips for a day out.

Endless fun in the water

In swimming pool "De Waterkanten" swimming is a feast. In the recreational pool, you can splash about in the water, slide down the 60-metre-long slide and enjoy the bubbles in the whirlpool. Let yourself be carried away by the stream or take a dive from the diving board. 

Everyone who loves swimming will have a great time in De Waterkanten swimming pool!

Swimming pool De Waterkanten

Watching art with the whole family in the LAM - ...and for the best films you go to Floralis!

  • Look, discover and taste art!

    There are so many ways to look at art. Lie down under a work of art, look at it upside down or taste it. Taste? Watching without prejudice, with an open mind. Discover for yourself. That is what it is all about in LAM, the food art museum on the Keukenhof estate. The museum is for all ages, so visit it with your whole family!

    Experiencing art
    Look, discover and taste art!
  • Watch a movie?

    Sitting back in the red plush with a big bowl of popcorn watching films? At Cinema Floralis you can watch the best and latest films on the big screen in the "Mijnzaal" on Wednesday afternoons. 

    To the movies
    Watch a movie?

Into the orchard!

There is so much to discover on the Olmenhorst estate, for young and old! 

During the picking season you can pick the most delicious organic apples and pears in the orchard. But the rest of the year you can also visit the estate for fun workshops, walks and scavenger hunts on the estate, shop for delicious snacks in the estate shop and climb and clamber to your heart's content in the wooden playground.


De Olmenhorst estate

Time for action! - Explore the surroundings in a fun way

  • Crack the code of the safe!

    Do you want to experience adventures? Discover the hotspots of the Dune and Flowerbulb Region with the cool Renault Twizy. Bring your parents along and enjoy the beautiful tulip and flower fields, authentic windmills and long sandy beaches in a 2-seater Renault Twizy with a fixed GPS route of your choice. During the route, there is a challenging photo hunt for the kids to find the code to crack the safe.
    Crack the code of the safe!
  • Funscooter or Tuktuk?

    Get on the back of your parents' fun scooter or discover the most beautiful spots in the region with the family in a tuktuk. On your trip, you will see fields of flowers in all colours of the rainbow, the beach and the dunes are a wonderful place for a break and there are plenty of opportunities along the way to stop off at a nice museum or attraction.

    Have Fun Events
    Funscooter or Tuktuk?

The best excursions with children in the area!