Monique's Pumpkin Factory

Pick gardens are fun. You have come to the right place in the picking garden of Monique's Pumpkin Factory!

Monique's picking garden is full of beautiful flowers in all colors of the rainbow. In the flower picking garden you can compose a bunch of flowers to your own liking and taste that you can enjoy at home for a long time.
Do you know! In the spring, from mid-April to mid-July, Monique's front garden (Akervoorderlaan 1) is full of herbs, edible flowers, perennials, bee and butterfly plants and special annuals.
Do you know! As soon as the picking garden is emptied, at the end of September/beginning of October, Monique's front garden will be full of pumpkins again. Pumpkins for decoration, for Halloween or to make the most delicious dishes.


  • €7.50
  • €10.00
  • €12.50