A network of trails

There are many different walking routes in the Bulb Region. The routes mostly run over paved paths, but also go through meadows and bulb fields. This way, nature is close by, you can see plants and flowers and hear the birds sing. Crossings and small bridges have been made in the country. Adventurous towing bridges provide the crossing at a number of places.


Vosse- and Weerlanerpolder

Near Hillegom, you can enjoy a piece of peat meadow land with a surprising wealth of plants and birds! No fewer than 230 species of plants can be seen here, including water trefoil, orchids, tall fritillary, cross-leaf cinquefoil and summer cress. There are also 93 species of birds, including the black-tailed godwit, redshank, snipe, yellow wagtail and several species of ducks.

From the end of 2012, the town of Hillegom has made the nature area more attractive for recreation. Walking and cycling paths with small bridges have been installed. The natural character of the area has also been improved. Nature-friendly banks have been created and ditches have been widened. As of 1 January 2015, the Zuid-Hollands Landschap is managing this area.


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Scenic hiking routes in and around Hillegom


The hiking network (Wandelnetwerk Bollenstreek) works with a node system. At various starting points and along the routes, there are panels with the route maps, junctions and information about the area. Along the way, posts show you the way from node to node. There are more than 100 kilometres of signposted walking routes.