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Van Egmond Zorgaanpassingen
Blokhuis 47 b
2161 EV Lisse
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Staying safe at home. You or someone close to you may suffer from a physical and/or mental disability.

Who are we? Van Egmond has been active in the field of adaptations in and around your home since 1990. Van Egmond Zorgaanpassing came into being when Gert-Jan van Egmond himself had to deal with a serious accident. He found out that his request for an adjustment was almost impossible to fulfil. Fortunately, Gert-Jan recovered well and founded van Egmond Zorgaanpassing B.V..

In addition to private individuals, local care institutions, schools, occupational therapists and care brokers soon saw the advantage of our work, and since then we have worked closely with them.

Since we are forced to live independently for longer periods in the Netherlands, we as a company have focused on the ever-increasing demand for care adjustments. A rewarding task in which we, as a company, see nothing but growth.