Van der Geest Farm Marina

Uniquely situated in the polder landscape, with meadow birds and frog concerts. A complete marina for 200 boats. Including facilities for maintenance and very spacious parking. The yard is secured with an electric fence.

For 50 years, docks had been rented at the quay next to the farm with dairy cows. After a renovation, a complete marina was opened here in April 2013. 

The marina is uniquely situated in the Randstad. From the car park and the moorings, you have a wonderful view of a picturesque polder landscape. In the spring, you can enjoy the meadow birds from the Hemmeerpolder (a polder that was drained in the 16th century). In the summer months, you can enjoy frog and goose concerts.

The marina is a complete harbour for 200 boats, a spray-off area, boat storage in the winter, a slipway with a telescopic handler and a boat cart which can be used to lift ships of up to 16 tonnes out of the water. There are also possibilities for maintenance.