Vosse- en Weerlanerpolder


Vosse en Weerlanerpolder
Oude Weerlaan 35 b
2181HX Hillegom
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Near Hillegom, you can enjoy a piece of peat meadow land with a surprising wealth of plants and birds! You can see no less than 230 species of plants here, including water trefoil, orchids, tall fritillary, cross-leaf cinquefoil and summer cinquefoil.

There are also as many as 93 species of birds, including the black-tailed godwit, redshank, snipe, yellow wagtail and various species of duck. 

On the northern side of Hillegom you will find the Vosse- en Weerlanerpolder (over 20 hectares). It is a unique nature reserve, rich in plants and birds. It is also an area with a long history. The Weerlanerpolder was founded in 1631; the Vossepolder two years later. They were merged in 1651.