Welcome to the MoCA, the first Dutch comics museum devoted entirely to all aspects of the Ninth Art. From the Little Nemo to Robert Crumb , from Marten Toonder to Dirk-Jan, find them all here. 

Original drawings straight from the artist's table show how comics are made and why they are loved around the world. Since the comic's inception at the end of the nineteenth century, billions of people have embraced the genre. First in the newspapers (where it always was, the first thing people looked at), later in magazines, individual comics, bundled in books and as complete graphic novels. Located in the heart of Noordwijk aan Zee, the MoCA is the place for all Dutch comic book enthusiasts and a must-see location for tourists who want to get acquainted with the wonderful world of comics.

The first exhibition is a must see for comic book lovers. The recruitment of a group of friends , with which everyone can support the museum for a small amount, is progressing well. Friends get free access and you can read about the other benefits here .