De Baak Seaside is a professional location in the town of Noordwijk aan Zee, designed especially for training and courses.

The spacious and inspiring location overlooks the water and offers a refreshing environment for learning, training, holding meetings, engaging in encounters, relaxing, and sleeping in comfortable accommodations.

The 24 learning areas at De Baak Seaside are under a single roof, providing a modern, spacious, light, and serene setting. The learning areas are designed to contribute to an inspiring meeting. Each room is equipped with luxurious chairs, modern communication media, and a good sound system and climate control. 

The lounge at De Baak Seaside offers extensive opportunities. Besides enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also prepare for a presentation, have coffee or tea, or consult with a colleague or fellow course member. And remember: the freedom and boundless opportunities of the beach and dunes are just a stone's throw away!