Cryotherapy - cold therapy. It promotes your health and your appearance. In just 3 to 4 minutes the epidermis cools down drastically. Based on your primal instinct, your brain initiates all kinds of processes to preventively protect the body.

Ice cold, the best for yourself. It is not about achieving an ideal of beauty, but boosting and maintaining your physical and mental fitness. At Min110 we boost you with innovative treatments and techniques.

“Feel better in three minutes”

With a focus on your immune system, losing weight, skin tightening - improving and optimizing your condition. Ideal if you want a healthy and fit body. But also if you exercise actively and want to recover faster.

Get the most out of yourself in a natural way. No fuss, everything in a natural and relaxed environment with a focus on you.

At Min 110 we do Body Shaping & Health Hacking with proven treatments and natural products.

Discover what suits your lifestyle and body to achieve optimal results.