Lissesche ijsclub


Randmeerstraat 73
2162 LJ Lisse
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Of course skating is the most important activity of the ice club. The board is busy the whole year through to be able to offer a beautiful ice floor and entourage to both members and non-members in winter, when it wants to freeze.

Founded on 13 January 1891, the club is one of the oldest in the Bollenstreek area. It goes without saying that this is very special for an ice club or other sports association. It is partly for this reason that the club was awarded the Royal Medal of Honour at its 100th anniversary. The Lissesche IJsclub has been closely associated with the population of Lisse all these years. No wonder; there is no sport in our country which offers young and old so much healthy entertainment for centuries as the ice skating sport. Ice fun is a pure Dutch entertainment.