Optie1 Hillegom


Optie1 Hillegom
Houttuin 3
2181 JG Hillegom
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Mobile phone shop in Hillegom

Option1 was founded in 2006 and changes with the times. In the early years, you could buy single phones here, later this became phones and smartphones. But the range of products was constantly expanding and now accessories are also an important part of the range. In recent years, repairing smartphones and tablets has also become increasingly important. Most entrepreneurs also repair smartphones. From a battery to a completely new screen: at Option1 it is no problem.

And what goes well with a smartphone: a smart home! Homes are getting smarter: from lighting to smart speakers and smart doorbells, everything is connected. Most Optie1 entrepreneurs are also smart home experts. You can visit our Smart Living shops for smart lights, doorbells, cameras and security systems. This also makes Optie1 'First choice in smart home'!

Opening times

  • Every monday from 13:00 to 17:30
  • Every tuesday from 09:30 to 17:30
  • Every wednesday from 09:30 to 17:30
  • Every thursday from 09:30 to 19:00
  • Every friday from 09:30 to 17:30
  • Every saturday from 09:30 to 17:00
  • Every sunday closed