Sorry, this event has ended
until 2 July 2023

Outdoor exhibition Max Liebermann (permanent)

In Noordwijk you find the unique and permanent outdoor exhibition Max Liebermann. Large replicas of this well-known German impressionist painter are exhibited at 24 spots in Noordwijk.

The weather-resistant replicas contain images of locations that Liebermann painted in Noordwijk about 100 years ago. The outdoor exhibition can be explored via a walking or cycling route of approximately 10 kilometers.

Max Liebermann is considered the most famous Impressionist German painter. The Netherlands was a second homeland for Liebermann, from 1905 to 1913 Noordwijk was his Dutch headquarters. A total of 127 oil paintings can be traced back to a Noordwijk location or environment. He can therefore be regarded as the painter who portrayed the early years of the seaside resort of Noordwijk.



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