Inspiring spring trips in the Bulb Region

Spring easily brings to mind the Bulb Region, the perfect place to celebrate spring to the full. Nature is slowly awakening from a deep winter sleep and comes into bloom. Extensive bulb fields transform into a colourful spectacle of flowers, a feast for the eyes. And where better than in this unique region to go out and enjoy the surroundings and be surprised by the endless possibilities of the Bulb Region!

With our tips for the best outings, the hottest selfie spots among the flowers and the most attractive walking and cycling routes, we want to make your visit an unforgettable day out. Will we see you soon?


Indulge in flowers!

Touring in the Bulb Region

A day touring the Bulb Region? It's fun! Leave your car or bike at home and book a tour in an electric Renault Twizy. Or how about a ride on a nostalgic Solex? The wind in your hair and enjoy. With a nice route through the flowering region, you will get to the most beautiful spots, the most charming villages and it is a great way to discover the region.

You'll experience the best moments in the Bulb Region!


The flight of your life

Did you know that you can also view the bulb fields from the air? A spectacular helicopter tour is the perfect way to double your experience. The extensive bulb fields transform the landscape into a colourful patchwork quilt in the spring and give you a breathtaking view from the air.

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Scenic hiking and biking tours

A brisk walk or a lovely bike ride will take you to the most beautiful spots in the Bulb region. Particularly in spring, this unique and colourful part of the country is a feast for the senses. When you set out, you will discover the beauty of the region. Whether you go on your own or with a local guide, we will inspire you with the best tips!

  • Cycling along the Flower Route

    Discover the diversity of the Bulb Region by following the Flower Route. This 35-kilometre cycle route will let you enjoy the beach, the extensive dune area and the beautiful flower fields.

    Download this cycle route
  • Cycling in the heart of the Bulb Region

    Cycling through the centuries-old 'Heart of the Bulb Region' is a real experience. Be enchanted by the colourful bulb fields in the spring. Enjoy the dune landscape and cast an occasional glance sideways towards the North Sea. 

    Download this cycle route
  • Strolling along the fields

    Stroll along the bulb fields towards the sea. On the way you can enjoy the view of endless fields of flowers in all colours. After spending a day outdoors like this, you will return home recharged and full of energy!

    Download de wandelroute
  • Guided cycle tour

    Would you like to explore the area together with an experienced local guide? Irene and her team of Tulip Bicycle Tour will gladly take you along the highlights in the area.  You will discover the historical gems, the colourful flower fields and pay a visit to the Tulperij. 

    Tulip Bicycle Tour
  • Audio tour of the tulips

    Do you want to cycle or walk along the tulip fields and would you like to learn more about the region, the bulb culture and the places of interest? With the Tulip Route you will receive an audio tour for your phone and a digital route booklet full of information about the highlights.

    Tulip route with audiotour

... or get into a boat - and experience the region from the water