Saturday 2 July

Trotting Race in Warmond


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The Trotting Race is a 280 metre spectacle: an exciting race with trotters on a specially laid out and sand-sprinkled course on the Herenweg. A long tradition that has been reinstated since 1989.

The short track race (280 metres) takes place every year on the first Saturday of July. The race, in which a maximum of 28 horses participate, is held according to the knock-out system and is therefore a knock-out race, divided into four rounds and finals, in which two horses run against each other each time. The public can bet on the horses and have a pleasant beer along the track and in and around the marquee.

The horse races are run under the auspices of the Dutch Trotting and Race Sport Foundation. This means that there is an extensive veterinary control, that the race is judged by sworn race commissioners (inspectors) and that there is the possibility for the public to place bets with the horse lotalisator.


  • Saturday the 2nd of July 2022

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