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until 30 September

Yoga at the beach


Yogastudio Yogabeach
Schoolstraat 44
2202 GB Noordwijk
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yoga op het strand

Yoga with your feet in the sand, the wind in your hair, the sound of the sea in your ears and the sun on your skin

There is no place where you are more connected to all elements than on the beach. A mat is not necessary on the beach and you only need to bring a bath towel. The yoga class is adjusted in intensity according to the weather but is always suitable for everyone, beginner and advanced. The beach lessons are for everyone and you sign up in advance by clicking on the button below. We gather at the bottom of beach exit 2, at the entrance of Bries or in front of Nomade Beach House, beach exit 12. Check in the timetable where your lesson is. In strong winds and / or (a lot of) rain, we move to the Yogabeach studio in Schoolstraat 44. During the Covid measures, we provide an online Live lesson in bad weather.


  • Beach Yoga - Location Monday - Beach Break exit 21 Tuesday - Beach Break exit 21 Wednesday - Beach Break exit 21 Thursday - Bries Beach Club exit 2 Friday - Beach Break exit 21 Saturday - Bries Beach Club exit 2 Sunday - Beach Break exit 21


  • €12.00
  • Payment options: Cash, Online

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