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until 15 May

Excursion Tulip fields

Excursie tulpenvelden

De Tulperij is a unique location where you can enjoy all the beautiful flowers in the spring. You can book a tour from 10 people. Learn all about the growth and flowering of tulips. We will reopen March 20 until May 10, 2021.

You go on the field together with Daan, the flower bulb grower. During the tour, he will tell you about the growing process from bulb to flower and you will have the opportunity to take photos between the flower fields. Then a short film is shown inside the greenhouse about planting, harvesting and processing the bulbs. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and freshly baked apple pie and stroopwafels in the colorful flower greenhouse. A glass of wine is also an option. We have nice souvenirs, dahlia tubers and you can order the flower bulbs from us.

An excursion is possible from 10 persons.

You can book these by mail Open every day (including Sundays and public holidays) from 08:00 to 17:00 from March 20 to May 10, 2021

De Tulperij is easily accessible by car and bicycle and parking is free.


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